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Paint at Home Pottery Shop!

We have now launched our Paint at Home Pottery Shop. Simply select your items and colours, then collect from the studio. Return your items 1 week later for glazing and firing. Click on our Shop menu to order.

Many thanks, Rainbows x

Can my deposit be transferred?

Any deposits for booked parties and evening events can be transferred to a future date or as pottery painting credit. If you would prefer a refund please call the studio and leave a message or drop us an email with your telephone number and we will call you back asap and refund you over the phone.

2019 Best Party Provider – Winner!

We are pleased to announce that we came up trumps in the Best Party Provider category in the Little Vikings Awards! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us! We try really hard to provide a great children’s party at Rainbows so it’s amazing to receive this recognition.

If you would like a party at Rainbows please check out the Kids Party page on this site or call us on 01904 675533.

Take Away Party!

Fancy having a party at home?

We have put together a party box so you can have a ceramic painting party at home. The party box contains all the materials you need along with all the instructions for a successful and fun party.

Choice of mugs, plates, bowls, tiles or animal.

Deposit and pre booking required.

Simply collect your chosen package then return 1 week later for firing.


Here for a day? Take it away!

If you are visiting York and unable to wait for your item to be fired then you can paint in Acrylic paint and take your painted masterpiece away with you. Acrylic is a specialist hard wearing paint that paints on to our ceramics beautifully. Price is a standard studio fee + the cost of the item. Please note that Acrylics are suitable for decorative items only.

A tale as old as time..

We are loving Beauty and the Beast so we have painted a set for the window! Why not pop in to paint yourself a Belle, Chip and Mrs Potts 🙂



Shapes and Splodging!

Stuck with an idea as to what to paint with your toddler? Then how about trying out our new ‘Sticky Shapes and Splodging’ idea!

We have cut out loads of these little self adhesive shapes just for you. Simply stick them on to your item and let your toddler splodge away. When they’ve finished just remove the sticker and you’ll have a lovely paint free area for you to write. Voila!

splodge and shapes pic


We’re in the Art Gallery!


Well kind of. We were asked to paint some Colour Wheel plates by COCA (Centre of Ceramic Art) as a way of displaying to children how Primary and Secondary colours work together. COCA is a brand new exhibition as part of the York City Art Gallery 2 year refurbishment. Check the new gallery out it’s amazing.

2016 Best Party Provider – Winner!

As voted by over a thousand readers of Little Vikings – York for Kids, sponsored by Visit York, we are pleased to be announced as Winners in the Best Children’s Party Providers in York! Thank you so much for all those who voted for us we are very proud. We have also been Highly Commended for the best Indoor Activity in York. Only second to the National Railway Museum! We can definitely live with that!

Winner copy[4]Highly Commended copy

Rainbows sponsor new team!

We’re really excited to be sponsoring Rufforth Primary School’s new sports kit. A little birdy told us that they’ve won both their matches so far, so maybe they’ve got some Rainbows luck!


New Website!

We have just launched a new responsive website so we’ll be very interested to know what you think? If there is anything that you think we could change or if anything is not quite working right please tell us your thoughts. Thank you! 🙂

Pottery Glazes

In addition to our standard underglazes we also stock a great selection of specialist pottery glazes. These look amazing and if you paint with these everyone will think you’re an amazing artist! However the reality is they are very easy to use. Please pop in and have a look!

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