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Hey Future Bossin' Bosses!

Welcome to the Boss-Sis Program, where sisterhood meets ambition and queens are built, not born.

Are you a young Black woman between 16 and 21 with fire in your belly and dreams bigger than the sky? Then you’ve come to the right place! ✨

This ain't your average program.

Here, we’re talking about unleashing your inner boss lady, honing skills that’ll make you unstoppable, and equipping you with the tools to build empires that leave legacies.

Mastering the art of soft skills

✨ Communication
✨ leadership
✨ teamwork

so you can influence the roomwithout breaking a sweat. Transforming into a fearless entrepreneur, with the knowledge and confidence to turn your wildest ideas into thriving businesses.

Conquering The Tech World

✨ Becoming A Coding Queen
✨ Plus certifications
✨ hottest careers OPtions
✨ IBM Certification
That’s not just a fantasy, sis. That’s your future in the Boss-Sis Program.
So, if you’re ready to ditch the sidelines and step into the spotlight, if you’re tired of waiting for handouts and ready to build your own damn table, then join us! ✊

Ready to Boss Up? Let's Make It Happen.

✨ January 21, 2024- July 27, 2024
#BossSis #RiseUp #QueensInMaking
This program is your launchpad, your network of like-minded queens, your roadmap to a future where you call the shots.


✨ Complete the application
✨ Create Student Account Sign up
✨ How to Use Student Portal Click Here Click Here
✊ African American Female Between Ages 16-21
✊ 1 Hour Weekly Sessions Sunday at 6 PM
✊ Complete online weekly assignments
✊ Participate in graduation in Atlanta , GA July 27, 2024

About Collaboration

National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. The International Dance Commission (IDC), National Urban League, and IBM Skills Build to empower Black teenage girls through ARTS & STEM and entrepreneurship training. This